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The way to the East

What makes Emilcargo s.r.l a unique and competitive company is the certainty of being able to offer its customers a proven truck shipment service for commercial routes considered by many to be “difficult”.

We organize shipments by full truck and have groupage services for the following destinations: Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Iran and Iraq.

Our team is at your provision to provide you with all the support concerning the documentary part, essential for these destinations, specifically:

check contracts

letters of credit

sanctioned goods

To do this, it will make use of on-site agents to ensure, in compliance with local laws, the customs clearance of goods and will monitor the position of the trucks daily during the journey, thanks to a sophisticated geo-localization system.

Entrust the commercial traffic of your company to us with confidence.

Emilcargo is synonymous with professionalism and competence.