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Integrate Logistics

Integrated Logistics                                                                                 Logistica

The National Council of Physical Distribution Management has given the definition of Integrated Logistics as the “integration of two or more activities in order to plan, implement and control the flow of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products from the place of origin to that of consumption, in order to make it as efficient as possible “.

Emilcargo srl, addressing customers from industry and commerce, offers its expertise for interventions on the following activities:

  • Storage
  • Storage Material handling
  • Packaging Packaging
  • Stock control
  • Order fulfillment Transport and shipping.

Emilcargo srl introduces innovation and customization in logistics management services, associating equipped spaces and specialization with the dynamism and flexibility of its workforce. Emilcargo srl acts as an interlocutor in warehouse logistics, offering the following solutions:

  • Possibility of obtaining economies of specialization and of scale
  • Reduction of expenses Reduction of investments
  • Specialist expertise Reduction of capital risks

Transformation of fixed costs into variable costs which lead to the following consequences:

  • competitiveness
  • flexibility
  • Ability to focus internally on activities with the highest added value

How does Emilcargo srl work: Logistic Study Macro-technical-economic identification Design Method definition and chosen solution Project realization